Staff at TfL have been forced to take action against the Mayor's reckless attacks on staff - freezing wages and cutting pensions which will deplete TfL of the world-class staff it needs to keep London moving.

We are not front-line staff on the Tube or buses (who are also subject to cuts), but the people that do the invisible jobs that are vital to keep London moving. Jobs like inspecting and licensing taxi and private hire operators, improving passenger safety, dealing with customer complaints, regulating bus operators, managing upgrade projects, and delivering new schemes like the Cycle Hire.

We are the people that volunteered to help the public during the Olympics and who were widely praised for our efforts back in 2012. Now, our goodwill has been abused.

We are not asking for huge pay rises. We are not asking for more holidays. We are not asking for a better pension scheme. All we want is to maintain our standard of living!

TfL have refused to even negotiate their proposals with our Unions. They have refused to enter talks at ACAS.

We have been left with no choice but to take industrial action to defend our pay and pensions.

Our pay should reflect our skills, experience and the cost of living in London.

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After years of public service, our pension should provide dignity in retirement.

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Our skills make London move. TfL cuts will force the best of us to leave.

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Why we're taking action
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