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It’s time for industrial action at TfL

In spite of an 80% call for strike action and 90% for short of strike, TfL are still refusing to negotiate over their performance related pay freeze and pension cuts. They have again refused to enter conciliation talks at ACAS.

If implemented, TfL’s plans will cost you dearly:

  • Non-consolidated pay rises
  • Reduced final salary pension
  • Immediate pay freeze for 50% of staff
  • Pay no longer fully negotiated with your Unions

We have no choice but to begin the campaign of industrial action.


This post contains information on:


Action short of strike

This type of action means you are withdrawing your goodwill and co-operation, but not your labour.

This action is designed to demonstrate to TfL that, far from under-performing, staff go above and beyond the call of duty every single day.

From Tuesday 06 May 2014 until further notice, all TSSA, Unite and RMT members (Bands 1- 3) are asked:

• Not to buddy or mentor agency staff within Customer Experience roles

Members working within Customer Experience roles should no longer provide day to day advice and support to the growing number of agency staff. These non-permanent colleagues are being exploited in order that TfL can undermine permanent jobs. As TfL are treating us with contempt, we will not co-operate.

• Not to work beyond your contractual hours. This includes all non-contractual overtime, refusing out of hours phone calls, taking full meal breaks at the correct time and VDU breaks from the computer.

Members should stop providing TfL with the thousands of hours of free overtime, missed breaks and sending ‘quick’ late night emails on the Blackberry. TfL runs by staff goodwill. While they are treating us with contempt, we will not co-operate.

• Not to volunteer for Travel Ambassador duties or any other duties outside your Job Description

Members should stick to their contractual duties and Job Description. What started out as a great collective effort to deliver the Olympics has now been twisted into a sad parody by the TfL leadership. While they are treating us with contempt, we will not co-operate.

• Not to participate in the Performance and Development Review process

Members should politely decline to participate in their P&D reviews. Your salary and pension will be squeezed between the rock of the new P&D process and the hard place of TfL’s “market comparators”. More information on the new performance review system and a model email is provided below. While they are treating us with contempt, we will not co-operate.


Performance Reviews

TfL’s new P&D review process is deeply flawed. They have introduced TfL behaviours as a separate, additional element to your work objectives. The behaviours have more impact on your final performance score than whether you deliver your objectives or not.

For example, you can score a 4 (exceeded) against your objectives but, if you score a 2 (part achieved) on behaviours, your overall score will be 2 not a 3.

TfL have admitted they have not even trained all managers in using the new P&D forms. This will take another 3 years. To rush into this half-baked P&D process puts both employees and their managers in a difficult position.

Your unions believe the behaviours cannot not be judged objectively, are not equality- proofed, and will make the P&D process less fair than previously. Your union reps have not agreed the new P&D system. It was imposed without consultation and implemented mid-way through the 2013-14 P&D process.

This means that your final performance rating for last year was determined based on factors you were not even aware were being assessed!

Performance ratings will have an even greater importance in determining your pay if TfL are allowed to continue with their Pay for Performance plans. Your salary and pension will be squeezed between the rock of the new P&D process and the hard place of TfL’s “market comparators”.

Members have called for industrial action that includes non-participation in the P&D process. Why hand TfL the stick to beat you with?

We are also advising members to challenge the fairness of your year-end performance rating. As the measure of success was radically altered half way through the performance year, how can you be sure that you were scored fairly and consistently?


Your unions are here to support you

Remember, as TSSA, Unite and RMT members you are taking lawful industrial action and have statutory protection against victimisation arising from this action.

We have to comply with draconian legislation to ballot for and call industrial action so that our members gain this protection.

We do not believe that TfL will attempt to victimise our members for taking action. If you do feel concerned about any aspect of the industrial action or you face any discrimination or intimidation from managers or colleagues, please notify your local rep immediately. If you don’t know your local rep, contact the rep from your union below:

TSSA John Rees: 07958 654239,


Strike Action

This type of action means withdrawing your labour, either wholly or partially. Strike action is designed to cause disruption to the business to demonstrate your determination that TfL management should find a negotiated solution to the dispute.

Your unions have been consulting members over how, when and where to take effective strike action. Your reps considered a range of suggested times and dates to come up with a plan that aims to balance everyone’s views.

Thanks to the very many union members who completed the online survey. You have been clear that we need to make a statement to TfL. Initial action has therefore been called for all members (Bands 1-3) of TSSA, Unite and RMT:

24 hour strike commencing at 07:00 on Friday 9th May 2014, finishing at 06:59 on Saturday 10th May 2014

Further targeted, business area-specific action is being considered by your reps. TfL will not re- think their plans without a real campaign to bring them to their senses. We will be calling further strike action should TfL’s position remain unaltered.
Most TfL staff have not been on strike before. We know you have questions and concerns, and your reps are arranging meetings outside work to answer queries and provide support and advice to members.

We will be picketing at all main TfL buildings. This should be a positive and enjoyable activity. We won’t be standing around a brazier in flat caps!

If you would like to attend a picket line on Friday, contact your nearest TSSA, RMT or Unite Rep. More information about times and locations of picket lines will be issued shortly.

See here gor a template email to notify your manager of your actions or, to submit a grievance see here.